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Porcelain Manufactory

Porcelain Manufactory AS Ĉmielów is a manufactory that cultivates traditions of factory "Ĥwit" in Ĉmielów, where the history of porcelain began in 1804. The present name, adopted in 1996 after the privatization, was derived from the first letters of the name of the new owner - Adam Spa³a.

Continuing the long tradition, we are mainly producing miniature porcelain sculptures, designed in the 50- and 60- years of XX by artists from the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw. Our collection is also systematically expanding on its own design. Figurines, produced by us, constitute a perfect combination of history, unique style and excellent quality.


The factory manufactures porcelain products from
the old original models, using the moulds that survived
along with the glorious tradition of Ĉmielów porcelain.

Both old and new models - particularly the new collection of professor Tomaszewski - are of great interest among collectors and connoisseurs of porcelain around the world. Our products are exported to several countries including: England, Japan and Russia.
Our offer includes more than 300 designs of various figurines, a number of coffee and tea sets, unique mugs and cups.
Our latest proposal is a porcelain jewelry, which promotes a new logo - Ĉmielów Exclusive.

All our products are hand made from high quality porcelain and then hand-decorated. Figurines have a number of safeguards to protect them against counterfeiting, and the most important of them is pink, square stamp made from specially prepared porcelain mass. As proof of authenticity, each sculpture has a certificate of authenticity, with its unique number, date of creation of the model and the name of the designer.


Since May 2005, at the factory works Porcelain Live Museum, where you can see the entire process of porcelain production, watch the film “Our Ĉmielów” in the oven in which the formerly fired porcelain. You can also see the entire collection of contemporary figurines, beat memorial coins and see many other attractions. In 2007 our museum has been awarded with Certificate of Consumer Quality Services "Best in Poland". 
In 2007 the company introduced a new brand of "Ĥwit Ĉmielów" to promote products related to the tourism and souvenir industry. On the site: www.swit.cmielow.com.pl you will find a full offer of mugs, cups and plates on which we do graphic designs of our customers.

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