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Secrets of porcelain

What is the uniqueness of hand-decoration of porcelain?
How and why the porcelain came to Ĉmielów?
What's the difference between ceramics from porcelain?
How looks an old kiln for cauterization of porcelain?
How porcelain changes after burn?
How is prepared the porcelain hologram?
What is bisque (biscuit)?
What have in common production of porcelain product and ... beet juice?
Why porcelain painted with gold, you cannot be washed in dishwasher?

You will find the answer for all of these questions in our museum.

Porcelain Live Museum, however, is something more than just training. Especially for you we stopped the time – at our place forgotten craft comes back to life. The fully manual production of porcelain in existing, mechanical world constitutes an increasing rarity.

The more we are pleased to be able to share with you the charm of whose tradition and elegance.


 Fot. T. Warczak                                                         Fot. T. Warczak

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