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Marble hall

Marble hall is a showroom, where you have the opportunity to thoroughly examine the effects of our work. There are over 400 products manufactured in the traditional manual method in Porcelain ManufactoryAS Ĉmielów.

Marble hall gives you the opportunity to admire porcelain figurines designed by artists working in the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw. Here we present the new designs and projects of artists cooperating with Porcelain Manufactory AS Ĉmielów, including Lubomir Tomaszewski, Kazimierz Czuba...

Apart from figurines, vases, cups, mugs and porcelain paintings made in Porcelain Manufactory AS Ĉmielów you will find exhibition of "Figurines of the World." Viewing and comparing the line from a line of famous, across the world, collection of English figural porcelain in Art Deco style, you can easily see what its uniqueness was, and why the appearance of its fifty years ago was compared to a phenomenon Picasso in painting.

Marble Hall is also the only such shop. It is opportunity not only to profit by the most famous and unique products but also by the widest promotional offers that you cannot find anywhere else.

  Fot. T. Warczak                                                        Fot. T. Warczak

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